Organiser kit 2886, for 5' (1.52m) to 6' (1.83m) wide enclosures

Organiser kit 2886, for 5' (1.52m) to 6' (1.83m) wide enclosures
Our Price:  £149.99(£124.99 Exc. VAT)



This kit uses the innovative and affordable wire shelving that many Americans have come to rely upon. The shelving is made of vinyl coated steel wire, which is very strong, durable and maintenance free.

The innovative design of the wire shelving allows your clothes to get the breath of fresh air that they simply would not get from your standard wooden shelf, helping reduce dust levels and helping to keep your clothes fresh!

This Organizer kit includes everything that you need to create from 5' (1.52m) to 6' (1.83m) of storage space. This would allow you to create 10' (3.05m) of hanging space and 12' (3.66m) of shelving. This organizer kit uses both the superslide system and the shelf track system. The shelf track system is the perfect product if you want to move your shelves around to suit your changing needs, perfect for growing kids! Just pop out the brackets and position them where you wish! The superslide system makes moving and finding a garment in your wardrobe simple. The easy glide design lets clothes slide along the hang bar with ease!

If you need to adjust the size of your shelves, or need to work around obstacles such as pipes, then please ask about our bolt cutters, available for £12.99. These will help to trim shelves down to your exact measurements so they fit perfectly! The bolt cutters are NOT included in the price, but please ask if you think they will be useful for your project.


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- Uses 30.5cm/ 12" deep SuperSlide shelving
- Mounts using adjustable ShelfTrack hardware
- Suitable for enclosures up to 1.83m/ 6' wide
- Shelving can be trimmed using a hacksaw or boltcutters to suit exact dimensions
- All shelving & hardware included

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