47194 - 1.22m / 4' length of SuperSlide 30.5cm / 12" deep shelving

47194 - 1.22m / 4' length of SuperSlide 30.5cm / 12'' deep shelving
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Our SuperSlide shelving is the perfect solution for walk in wardrobes, or if you just have a lot of clothes and find searching for outfits more of a chore than a pleasure!

Get this 4' (1.22m) length of shelving and use it for shoe racks, normal shelves or continue to step two, and add a hang bar to allow for hanging space! If using a hang bar, the hanging position will be placed 12" from the back wall. 

We therefore suggest that if installing a reach in wardrobe you have a minimum depth of 22". If installing into a walk in wardrobe, to achieve an 'L' shape of hanging space you would need a minimum width of 58". To achieve a 'U' shape of hanging space you would need a minimum width of 72".

If you are going to create two tier hanging then we suggest that you have a minimum ceiling height of 85". If you are trying to create long hanging space, we suggest you have a minimum ceiling height of 72" unless you intend to install shoe racks below, in which case we suggest you have a minimum ceiling height of 85".

This length may not match your measurement, but don't worry as our shelving can be adjusted by trimming the length down with a pair of boltcutters or a hacksaw!

This style of shelving does not include the hang bar, and the price does not include the hardware!

You can purchase additional / replacement hardware direct from us. Or visit Organise My Home or Amazon where our range is also available.

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