Bathroom Layout 1, 1.83m / 6' wide

Bathroom Layout 1, 1.83m / 6' wide

Our Price:  £180.00(£150.00 Exc. VAT)
Shelf Depth for Closets:  
Side Wall Availability:  

  • Fixed Mount system
  • 12" or 16" deep SuperSlide shelving

A quick and easy way to organise your bathroom cupboard or airing cupboard.

This Fixed Mount package comes with all of the hardware and shelving required to create the design as seen in the image for an enclosure up to 6' (1.83m) wide.

Using our cost effective wire shelving system, this package includes a 24" (61cm) wide hanging section to the left hand side for bathrobes etc, with a 48" (122cm) wide shelving section to the right, ideal for storing towels, toiletries and accessories!

The shelving is 12" (30.5cm) deep but an optional upgrade to our 16" (40.6cm) deep shelving is available.
Simply select the correct option from the menu above.

Hardware is included to fix the shelving, however you will need to tell us upon ordering what side walls are available to fix to.
The shelving fixes along the back edge to a back wall, but will also fix to side walls where available. If only one, or no side walls are available alternative supports will be provided.

Please select the correct option from the menu above so that we are sure to send you the correct hardware.
The options are as follows:
Wall - Wall where both side walls are available.
Wall - Open where the right hand side as you look at the enclosure has no side wall.
Open - Wall where the left hand as you look at the enclosure has no side wall.
Open - Open where no side walls are available.

Our steel wire shelving is coated with a white vinyl plastic to help prevent rusting, and is easily trimmed down if required to suit the exact dimensions of your enclosure.
Simply use boltcutters or a hacksaw. End caps are provided to cover the ends of the shelves.

This product is available to buy from Organise My Home.
Use the name of this product as a reference when searching their website or speaking to a representative on the 'phone.
Visit their website by clicking here to see their range of Bathroom Shelving packages
or call 01622 872006 for more information.

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