AD ShelfTrack - 09/08/21

AD ShelfTrack - 09/08/21

Our Price:  £455.96(£379.97 Exc. VAT)



Brand:  ClosetMaid - ShelfTrack

Reach In Closet

380cm wide
Unknown depth
282cm high

All Purpose shelving with SuperSlide Hang Bars
Choose from 12" or 16" deep shelving above
Adjustable ShelfTrack fixing system

12" - £455.96 exc. delivery charge
16" - £521.04 exc. delivery charge

108" wide two tier hanging section
42" wide long hanging section

Bear in mind that garments typically protrude between 51cm (20") and 56cm (22") from the wall.

It is important to point out that our ClosetMaid shelving must be fixed to walls that are flat across their face, perpendicular to the floor and in good condition.

Please note that as this design is carried out using customer supplied data all lengths of shelving & hang bar will be supplied oversized to accommodate variances in wall dimensions and mis-measures and will require trimming to final size on site by the customer. This can easily be done using a set of boltcutters or a hacksaw. End caps are provided to cover the cut ends of the shelves & hang bars.

Terms & Conditions for design service orders can be found here. Please read carefully.

Please let us know some basic information about your requirements and your project. For example; where the project is. What the shelving/ accessories will be used for. Do you have a requirement for multiple units / multiple designs?
If you have any further information which may help us with your quote, please let us know here.
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