978 - Pole Clip for Linen, SuperSlide, CloseMesh & 16" deep Shelf & Rod shelving

978 - Pole Clip for Linen, SuperSlide, CloseMesh & 16'' deep Shelf & Rod shelving

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When using Shelf Support Poles to support the front edges of your shelves you will need to buy Pole Clips.

If you purchase a 1009 Shelf Support Pole, the pole will come as a package with 6 x 'Shelf & Rod' Pole Clips. These clips have a large gauge to accomodate the thicker 'hang rod' part of the Shelf & Rod shelving.
Therefore you may need to change these clips if you plan to use Linen, SuperSlide, Closemesh or 16" deep Shelf & Rod shelving.

If you are using Contractor Poles (117 or 118), you will need to purchase the Pole Clips, Screws & Pole Caps separately.
You will need to buy one Pole Clip for every shelf you are supporting, per pole.

These clips have a smaller gauge compared to the 977 Pole Clips, as they are designed for Linen, SuperSlide, CloseMesh & 16" deep Shelf & Rod shelving.
If you are using 10" or 12" deep Shelf & Rod shelving please order 977 Pole Clips.

These clips are made from white plastic.

For use with the Fixed Mount system only.

You can purchase additional / replacement hardware direct from us. Or visit Organise My Home or Amazon where our range is also available.

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