Home Office Layout 3, 3.05m / 10' wide

Home Office Layout 3, 3.05m / 10' wide

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Wall Fixings:  

Home office layout five is ideal for people who share their office space! With two drawer systems and shelving units, all you need to do is fight over the desk space!

The shelving fixes to the back ONLY, and you can select the design in a number of different shelf depths to suit your requirements.

This design will suit spaces up to 10' (3.05m) wide. The design includes a 72" (183cm) wide section of desk space in the centre with two top shelves above. To each side of the desk area you then have a 24" (61cm) wide section of four shelves ideal for folders, files, stationery etc. with a freestanding drawer system below. The drawer systems stand at 30" (76cm) tall x 19" (48cm) wide x 23" (58cm) deep. The drawer systems comprise of one 3" (8cm) deep drawer, three 7" (18cm) deep drawers, drawer stops, floor protector caps and a plastic moulded top per system.

This design uses our ShelfTrack system which means that the shelving must fit to the back wall. It also means that you can adjust the positioning of your shelves along the track system easily. Simply unclip the brackets and slot them back in to their new positon along the track!

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