Fixed Mount Package 4 - Shelf & Rod Shelving

Fixed Mount Package 4 - Shelf & Rod Shelving

Our Price:  £155.00(£129.17 Exc. VAT)
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Brand:  ClosetMaid

  • Comes complete with all necessary hardware
  • Includes 12" (30.5cm) deep Shelf & Rod shelving as standard, with option to upgrade to 16" (40.6cm) deep Shelf & Rod for more shelving space

  • Shelf & Rod shelving is easy to install with few parts

  • Fixed Mount system

  • Select the size to suit your enclosure best, trim down to suit exact measurements.

A complete closet package to organise your wardrobe easily.

Folded storage space in the centre with two tier hanging for short garments on one side and long hanging space on the other side.

This package also includes three ClosetMaid Hanging Baskets, which fix to the underside of the shelf and hang below providing an open fronted cubby hole for accessory and underwear storage.

The layout uses Shelf & Rod shelving with ClosetMaid's regular Fixed Mount system.

Select the size that best suits your available space and trim the shelving down to suit your exact measurements.
Just use a set of boltcutters or a hacksaw. End caps are provided to cover the ends of the shelves.

As standard this package comes with 30.5cm/ 12" deep Shelf & Rod shelving, however you are able to choose our 40.6cm/ 16" deep Shelf & Rod shelving with the hang bar positioned 25.4cm/ 10" from the back wall or our 40.6cm/ 16" deep Shelf & Rod shelving with the hang bar positioned 30.5cm/ 12" from the back wall. 
The depth of shelving allows you to pick the optimum size for your space.
If your space is shallow, the 16" deep shelving with 10" hang bar position is perfect as it saves your garments protruding the extra couple of inches. Where space isn't an issue, the standard 12" deep shelving or 16" deep shelving with 12" position hang bar is ideal.  

1.83m/ 6' wide enclosure
A 6' wide package will offer 61cm/ 24" of shelving space and 61m/ 24" of long hanging space and 61cm/ 24" of two tier hanging space.

2.44m/ 8' wide enclosure
A 8' wide package will offer 61cm/ 24" of shelving space and 91m/ 36" of long hanging space and 91cm/ 36" of two tier hanging space.

3.05m/ 10' wide enclosure
A 10' wide package will offer 61cm/ 24" of shelving space and 91m/ 36" of long hanging space and 91cm/ 36" of two tier hanging space.

Our systems must attach to the back wall but will also attach to side walls if they are available.
Our drawings are shown with both side walls but some people will not have these walls to fix to, and therefore we need to know which wall(s) are available so that we can send the correct components so that you can install your closet properly.
Please select the correct option from the drop down menu above, which best describes the availability of your side walls as though facing your closet enclosure working left to right, i.e. if you have a wall on the left but not on the right, you will need to select the Wall - Open option.

When ordering this layout we recommend that you have a minimum closet depth of 55cm / 22" to allow your clothes to hang properly and a minimum ceiling height of 216cm / 85" so that the garments on the top rail of your two tier hanging do not drape over the lower hanging garments!

Our systems CAN be fixed to stud walls and solid walls with no problems, as long as they are built to standard building regulations.

Please note, the images shown are for illustrative purposes only and may change slightly depending on the size you select.
If you would like to see specific images for the package size you require, please let us know and we’ll be happy to email them across to you.


This product is available to buy from Organise My Home.
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Visit their website by clicking here to see their range of Shelf & Rod Closet packages.
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