Walk in closet package 1

Walk in closet package 1
Walk in closet package 1Walk in closet package 1Walk in closet package 1
Walk in closet package 1Walk in closet package 1Walk in closet package 1

Our Price:  £235.00(£195.83 Exc. VAT)
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Brand:  ClosetMaid

A simple solution for your walk in wardrobe. Use ClosetMaid to create your perfect dressing room or turn a spare bedroom into the walk in wardrobe you've always wanted.

ClosetMaid shelving can be mounted directly onto a wall and the package comes complete with all shelving and hardware required to create your walk in wardrobe. 

Select the size that best suits your available space and trim the shelving down to suit your exact measurements. Just use a set of boltcutters or a hacksaw. 
As standard this package comes with 30.5cm/ 12" deep SuperSlide shelving, however you are able to choose our 40.6cm/ 16" deep SuperSlide shelving to give you a little extra shelving space. The SuperSlide range enables you to place your hang bar 25.4cm/ 10" or 30.5cm/ 12" from the wall to suit the size of your garments. This package also includes SuperSlide corner hanger bars which enable you to glide your hangers along the hang bars without interruption, even around the corners helping you to maximise your storage space. 

Please note, the images shown are for illustrative purposes only and may change slightly depending on the size you select. If you would like to see specific images for the package size you require, please let us know and we’ll be happy to email them across to you.

1.83m/ 6' square room - A 6' square package will offer 1.83m/ 72" of long hanging space along the back wall and 1.52m/ 60" of two tier hanging space on each side wall.

2.44m/ 8' square room - A 8' square package will offer 2.44m/ 96" of long hanging space along the back wall and 2.13m/ 84" of two tier hanging space on each side wall.

3.05m/ 10' square room - A 10' square package will offer 3.05m/ 120" of long hanging space along the back wall and 2.74m/ 108" of two tier hanging space on each side wall.

This layout utilises three walls to fix to; two side walls and the rear wall of the room or enclosure. Ordinarily there will be a fourth/front wall (which has been made transparent in the picture for viewing purposes), but sometimes the room/enclosure configuration means that there may not be a front wall at all or there may only be part of a wall. We want to make sure that we send you the correct components so that you can install your walk in closet properly, so, please make sure that you select the correct option, explaining the configuration of the fourth/front wall, as viewed from the outside working left to right.

If you like the look of this layout, you must have at least 216cm / 85" in height to allow for the hanging sections to have enough room for your garments to drop.

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