ShelfTrack Vertical Wall Standards - Available in 12", 30", 48", 60" & 84" lengths

ShelfTrack Vertical Wall Standards - Available in 12'', 30'', 48'', 60'' & 84'' lengths
 ShelfTrack Vertical Wall Standards - Available in 12'', 30'', 48'', 60'' & 84'' lengthsShelfTrack Vertical Wall Standards - Available in 12'', 30'', 48'', 60'' & 84'' lengths 

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Brand:  ClosetMaid

Wall Standards hang from the Hang Track vertically. The purpose of wall standards are to allow shelving to be supported and also attached to the back wall, without the need for wall clips or side brackets.

Using ShelfTrack instead of Fixed Mount fixings, allows your wardrobe to be adjustable so if the needs of your space change, so can your wardrobe (or pantry, closet, airing cupboard etc.) making it ideal for children's wardrobes!

Choose the length required from the options above.
The lengths available may not match your measurement, but don't worry as our wall standards can be adjusted by trimming the length down with a hacksaw to fit your exact dimensions.

ShelfTrack wall standards are made from steel and have a white painted finish with slots for ShelfTrack brackets to fit into which are spaced 1.25" / 3.2cm apart the entire length of the standard.

Shelf Brackets are needed for you to support your shelves using a ShelfTrack system, so make sure you order these before checking out!

When installing your ShelfTrack system, you will need to make sure you have one wall standard 4" / 10.2cm in from either end of the shelf, and then evenly spaced in between, but no more than 24" / 61cm apart. This will then give you sufficient support for your Shelving. If you are planning on storing a particularly heavy load, you can always order more wall standards and place them closer together, but you will of course need to order more Shelf brackets accordingly.

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