Contractor Package Best 7 - Up to 6'/ 1.8m wideContractor Package Best 7 - Up to 6'/ 1.8m wide 

Contractor Package Best 7 - Up to 6'/ 1.8m wide

Our Price:  £325.00(£270.83 Exc. VAT)
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Create two levels of hanging storage space and keep room for folded garments too in a wardrobe or cloaks area with ClosetMaid Package 7.

Utilising our Adjustable ShelfTrack hardware, and All Purpose shelving with our SuperSlide hang rail, this package is a great starter kit from our "Best" contractors range.
Includes two full width (up to 1.8m/ 6' wide) All Purpose shelves, and four 0.6m/ 2' wide shelves for flat and folded garments or accessories. Add on SuperSlide hang rails are also included to place on the top and middle shelves, creating a 1.2m/ 4' wide section of short hanging space for garments such as blouses, tops, jackets, shirts etc.
Hardware is included in the kit.

Choose between our standard 30.5cm/ 12" deep shelving, or upgrade to our 40.6cm/ 16" deep shelving, to suit your budget and needs.
Note that the hang position for each depth of shelf is 30.5cm/ 12" from the rear wall. 
We recommend that the overall depth of your space, once garments are stored is no less than 55cm/ 21" deep. 
If your space is shallower than this, contact our design team to discuss your space, and we can recommend alternative solutions.

Creates up to 6m/ 20' of shelving space and 2.4m/ 8' of hanging garment space for short items.

Note that shelving can be cut to accommodate your overall width if your space is less than 1.8m/ 6' wide.

When making your purchase, please select which construction type of wall you are mounting to, so that we can ensure you are sent the correct hardware. Note that ShelfTrack systems only require mounting to the rear wall. 

Use the images below to help you identify your wall configuration.

Images are a birds eye view of a "reach in" space. 

Please let us know some basic information about your requirements and your project. For example; where the project is. What the shelving/ accessories will be used for. Do you have a requirement for multiple units / multiple designs?
How Many Units Does Your Project Require?
If you have any further information which may help us with your quote, please let us know here.
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