2059 - 2.44m / 8' length of SuperSlide hang bar

2059 - 2.44m / 8' length of SuperSlide hang bar

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An 8' (2.44m) length of SuperSlide hang bar to turn your SuperSlide shelving into a place for storing hanging garments!

If your measurement is not exactly 8' then all you do is use a hacksaw to trim off the excess! 

The hang bar is made of steel and is hollow. It is finished with a white paint and is very durable. We recommend however, that if you would like your hang bar to stay bright white, you use plastic coat hangers, as over time metal coat hangers take the paint off or turn the hang bar grey!

You can purchase additional / replacement hardware direct from us. Or visit Organise My Home or Amazon where our range is also available.

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