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Creating wardrobe & storage space is an essential need for most people & highly desirable to the rest. An organised space can help turn a bedroom into a sanctuary, providing calm & order in a chaotic world. Great storage starts with a system which can be personalised to suit individual clients needs.

When storage is overlooked during construction, the client will often rely on themselves to look for solutions which can be added to the existing system or can be retrofitted. This can present challenges as a variety of products may be needed for numerous applications to provide the best solution, or the basic fact that existing storage may need to be taken out to make way for more suitable solutions. 
With the support of ClosetMaid, you can now intergrate solutions for storage using our range of storage systems, in your designs - before and after move in date, to meet all of your clients needs. 


ClosetMaid Professional Services

Whether you're designing a modest single family home, renovating a studio, or developing luxury apartments or hotel rooms, ClosetMaid provides the services, products and support to ensure a successful storage design. Our highly knowledgeable and friendly design team are ready to partner with you on your next project.


Why use ClosetMaid instead of more traditional solutions?

Why not use ClosetMaid? ClosetMaid wire shelving is packed with features! Take a look at some of the key points we think will make you want to give us a try, below:

> Cost effective - Complete your project 'on budget'

> Cheaper than wood with no loss of strength

> Easy, quick & simple installation

> An exact fit every time - Trim to suit the job

> A range of shelf sizes to suit your application

> Two fixing systems - Fixed mount or adjustable

> Tough white vinyl coating

> No painting or finishing required

> Maintenance free - Just install it and forget it

> Purchase as a complete kit or in component form

> Can be installed before or after floor covering

> A range of accessories for up-selling opportunities is also available

> Available from stock ensuring on-time delivery.


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