3586 - 213cm / 84" Garage Wall Standard

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Product information

Wall Standards are the vertical supports that hang from the hang track and fix to your wall. The shelf brackets will slot into your wall standards, and then support your shelving.

Our Garage range is fully adjustable just as the regular ShelfTrack system, as the wall standards have slots at regular intervals all along their length to allow you to choose the height of your shelves!

This Wall Standard is 84" (213.36cm) long and is made from steel with a grey epoxy paint finish, making it strong and durable.

When creating a ClosetMaid Garage storage system, you will need to make sure that you have enough Wall Standards to sit 2" (5cm) in at either end of the shelf, and then a maximum of 24" (61cm) apart. 

You can cut the length of the Wall Standards down to size using a hacksaw.

How many Wall Standards will you need?

Width of Wall    Minimum Quantity Required
24" (61cm)          2
36" (91cm) 3
48" (122cm)  3
60" (152cm)       4
72" (183cm) 4
84" (213cm) 5
96" (244cm)  5
108" (274cm)     6
120" (305cm) 6



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