Add On Shelf for ShelfTrack Organiser Kits

Add On Shelf for ShelfTrack Organiser Kits
 Add On Shelf for ShelfTrack Organiser KitsAdd On Shelf for ShelfTrack Organiser Kits 

Our Price:  £16.49(£13.74 Exc. VAT)
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Brand:  ClosetMaid

  • Uses 12" deep 'Low Profile' Linen shelving
  • Shelf, Brackets and Caps included
  • Available in five standard lengths which can be trimmed down to the exact size required on site
  • Wall Standards and Hang Track NOT provided
  • Cannot be used with Fixed Mount system

Looking to add more shelving to your existing ShelfTrack Organiser Kit?

Simply select the length of shelf you require above.

Shelving supplied is 30.5cm (12") deep 'Low Profile' Linen style to match the shelving supplied with ShelfTrack Organiser Kits.
Compatible with Organiser Kits - 2087, 2075, 2091, 2873, 2875, 8808, 8809

Each 'Shelf Kit' will come with the following items;
0.61m / 2' - Shelf caps, 2 x Shelf Brackets, 2' wide Shelf
0.91m / 3' - Shelf caps, 3 x Shelf Brackets, 3' wide Shelf
1.22m / 4' - Shelf caps, 3 x Shelf Brackets, 4' wide Shelf
1.52m / 5' - Shelf caps, 3 x Shelf Brackets, 5' wide Shelf
1.83m / 6' - Shelf caps, 4 x Shelf Brackets, 6' wide Shelf

Wall Standards and Hang Tracks are NOT included.

Note that this 'Add On Shelf' will NOT work with Fixed Mount Organiser Kits.

For use with ShelfTrack fixings ONLY.

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