Shelf & Rod Pre-Pack Shelf Kits - Available in 2', 3', 4', 6' & 8' Lengths

Shelf & Rod Pre-Pack Shelf Kits - Available in 2', 3', 4', 6' & 8' Lengths
 Shelf & Rod Pre-Pack Shelf Kits - Available in 2', 3', 4', 6' & 8' LengthsShelf & Rod Pre-Pack Shelf Kits - Available in 2', 3', 4', 6' & 8' Lengths 

Our Price:  £15.99(£13.33 Exc. VAT)


Brand:  ClosetMaid - Fixed Mount

  • Uses 12" deep Shelf & Rod style shelving
  • Fixed Mount hardware included
  • Available in four standard lengths which can be trimmed down to exact size required on site
  • Cannot be used with adjustable ShelfTrack fix system

​This kit provides everything you need to install a 12" (30.5cm) deep Shelf & Rod shelf in your chosen length using our Fixed Mount system.

The shelf will install to solid brick walls, or stud plasterboard, and will also fix to wood, which is at least 1" (2.54cm) thick.

The shelf is made from steel wire, with a white vinyl coating and is ideal for storing linens, allowing air to circulate around them. You can also use it for storing household cleaning goods, books...pretty much anything you can think of!

​With the integrated hang rod, you also have the option to hang garments so this also makes a great addition to laundry rooms, guest bedrooms or cloakrooms.

Available in the following lengths;
61cm (2')
91cm (3')
122cm (4')
183cm (6')
244cm (8')

The shelves can be trimmed down to the exact size you require using boltcutters or a hacksaw. The cut ends will be covered by small plastic end caps provided in the shelf kit.

Each shelf is sold separately and comes complete with all of the fixings & caps you need.

The shelf will be installed using Wall Clips along the back edge of the shelf and Wall Brackets where the shelf meets a side wall.
If you do not have side walls the shelf will be supported using Shelf Support Brackets to create a 'floating' end.

Please select the available side walls that you have to fix to using the options above, so that we can send you the correct hardware.

​Wall - Wall - indicates side walls at each end.
​Wall - Open - indicates a wall on the left side of the shelf but not the other.
Open - Wall - indicates an 'open end' and a side wall at the right end.
Open - Open - indicates that only the back wall is available to fix to, and no side walls are present.

Please note that any available side walls must be at least 35cm (14") wide to accommodate the side wall brackets.

Bear in mind that once garments are on hangers they generally protrude between 51cm (20") and 56cm (22") from the wall.

You CANNOT use this Shelf & Rod shelf kit with our adjustable ShelfTrack system. The fixings provided are for Fixed Mount.

Please let us know some basic information about your requirements and your project. For example; where the project is. What the shelving/ accessories will be used for. Do you have a requirement for multiple units / multiple designs?
If you have any further information which may help us with your quote, please let us know here.
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