Planning Tips

Are you looking to renovate your closet? Or maybe you're in the Trade and are considering adding ClosetMaid to your project but you aren't sure what to include? Our planning tips could help!

Step 1:

If you're renovating your closet, a good place to start is by choosing an area in your home to sort through your items. You'll need bin bags, labels and maybe a friend to give you the final push into saying goodbye to 'that outfit'!

If you're in the Trade and have an enclosure you would like to plan, start by thinking who the enclosure is for. Is it in the master bedroom for two adults? Is it a spare bedroom that may be used only occassionally or as an 'overflow closet' or is it for children?

Step 2:

Empty your closet! Get everything out, find all those things you forgot you had and move it all to the area you set aside for sifting through your belongings! It may take a while but it will be well worth the effort in the end!

Trade users, now that you know who the closet is going to be used by, consider what that persons needs would be. Obviously you want to keep to your budget, but there's no point in supplying a useless closet system. For example, a Master Closet typically used by two adults, would require a mix of hanging levels. Two tier for short garments, shirts, blazers, jackets, blouses etc. and a long hanging section for dresses and overcoats. Shelves are always handy, but why not offer customers the chance to upgrade to drawers? Shoe racks are considered a bit of a luxury, but if that suits your clients, it might be wise to include these as standard.
If you're planning a spare bedroom, perhaps a simple single hanging section with shelving to one side would be sufficient.
For Children, extra shelving for toys and books would be recommended.

Step 3:

Sort through your stuff! Use those bin bags, and throw out everything that is not worthy of your new closet! Try to stick to the 12 month rule, if you've not worn it for a year - it's OUT!  Sort your things into piles of items that you could sell, items that maybe need a good dry clean / repair before they are allowed back in the closet or items that you could donate either to a friend or charity. 

Trade users, once you have decided on the needs of your customer, consider the system you would like to use. For kids, our ShelfTrack system is great as it allows your customer to adjust the system over time as their children grow. Great for adding value to a project! For adults, our Shelf & Rod shelving with regular fix system is ideal and budget friendly. If you're creating a walk in closet, consider upgrading to our SuperSlide shelving which allows continuous hanging space even around corners. 

Step 4:

Now that you've decided what's staying and what's going, it's time to turn your attention to your closet. Remove any old shelving, fill in the holes left behind, sand it down, and give it a fresh coat of paint! You'll be amazed at the difference this will make! Now you're ready to install your new closet system.
Select your package based on your storage requirements and DIY ability.
If you're looking for a quick and simple fix, or are renovating a child's closet, consider our ShelfTrack system. It's so easy to install, has minimal fixing points and can be adjusted as your storage needs change.
If you're on a budget or are renovating an adults closet, Shelf & Rod shelving with our regular fix system can't come recommended highly enough! With fewer parts to install than our SuperSlide range, Shelf & Rod is a great style of shelf for any closet. 
For a walk in closet, why not upgrade to our SuperSlide range? It's corner hanger bars mean that you can continue your hanging even around the corners so that you can maximise every inch of space!

Choose from one of our many standard packages or layouts available at or ask about their custom design service.

For those Trade customers, now you've identified your customers requirements and selected the ideal system, all you have to do now is choose the best way to buy! If you're buying more than one system for multiple units, our packages offer great value for money. If you have an awkward room size or shape, then you can request a custom design and get one of our design team to create the ideal solution for you and your customer. Alternatively, if you're looking for something simple, visit our Trade Shop and view our entire ClosetMaid range. You can purchase ClosetMaid in component format so that you can create your own design or simply order enough shelving to complete the job you have in mind!


And if you have any questions or would like further advice or tips on how to plan your ideal ClosetMaid solution, just call us on 01622 870050 to talk to our sales team or email us at: