Product Overview


CLOSETMAID® is a World Class manufacturer of innovative, vinyl coated steel wire shelving and hanging systems. Originally developed in the USA, CLOSETMAID® products are now available in the UK so that you can obtain the same quality, practicality, durability and strength that thousands of  Americans have come to rely on.
CLOSETMAID® products are renowned for use in reach-in and walk-in closets but are also ideal for a variety of different applications e.g. linen / airing cupboards, cloaks cupboard, laundry room, utility area, garage or pantry / larder - click on the photos below to view the available range. If you don't see anything suitable just submit a design request


Walk in, L shaped & Reach in Closets

ClosetMaid offer a number of shelving options to transform your Walk in Closet.
Our SuperSlide shelving (shown above) is the most popular solution for L shaped or Walk in enclosures, as it allows hanging space to continue around corners without interruption, allowing you to maximise every inch of your space!
SuperSlide is available in 12" (30.5cm) / 16" (40.6cm) deep shelving and is supplied in lengths up to 12' (3.66m) to suit many shapes and sizes.

Also available is our Shelf & Rod shelving which is perfect for a simple installation or for those on a tight budget. Shelf & Rod is available in 10" (25.4cm) / 12" (30.5cm) / 16" (40.6cm) deep variety and again is supplied in lengths up to 12' (3.66m).


SuperSlide shelving works great with our ShelfTrack fixing system, allowing adjustability, ideal for kid's bedrooms. SuperSlide shelving has uniquely shaped hanger bar support brackets that allow garments to glide along the hang bar without interruption. Perfect for closets.
Our Shelf & Rod shelving is perfect for adult closets, with few parts to install and a budget freindly price! Fixes with our regular fix system.  ClosetMaid ShelfTrack system easily transfers from child - tween - adult closet! Simple to add, move or discard shelves to make way for larger hanging garments. Turn shelves into shoe racks or add more shelves to suit! 
Utility Room, Linen or Airing Cupboard

Due to the ventilated wire design, ClosetMaid makes for the perfect storage solution in your Utility or Airing Cupboard enclosure. Its innovative features means that it is easy to customise, can accommodate small obstacles such as pipework and the ventilated design allows air to circulate and encourages items to stay fresh and dry!

Use ClosetMaid's standard SuperSlide or Shelf & Rod shelving for Utility applications which require hanging space, or for shelving only our Linen style of shelving is available in 9" (22.9cm) / 12" (30.5cm) / 20" (50.8cm) depths.

Linen Shelving is perfect for shelving only applications. Works with both our regular fix and ShelfTrack fixing systems.

Shelf & Rod shelving is a great way to add hanging space to a utility room where space allows. Ideal for drying, or storing coats and jackets.

Pantry & Larder

ClosetMaid can quite literally be used to solve any home storage problem! Our Steel wire shelving with vinyl coated finish lends itself perfectly to Pantry & Larder storage. The ventilated design means that air can circulate keeping goods fresh, and cleaning is easy! Simply wipe shelving with a damp cloth as required!

Our shelving is flexible enough to fit just about any space! Whether or not you have obstacles that you need to work around, or are looking for a unique solution, ClosetMaid can help.
Our shelving can be fixed in two ways too, so you can choose the option that suits your needs best! Our Regular Fix method is great for budget projects where flexibility after installation is not required.
Our ShelfTrack method is ideal for heavy duty storage and allows the end user to adjust the height and position of the shelves as necessary!

Use ClosetMaid's CloseMesh shelving for Pantry or Larder applications available in 9" (22.9cm) / 12" (30.5cm) / 20" (50.8cm) depths.