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ClosetMaid manufactures the industry's most comprehensive closet and storage system product line.


At ClosetMaid, we understand our customers. We have some fantastic ranges designed for retail environments that perfectly communicate with shoppers the benefits and features of our shelving systems and accessories. We help consumers visualise their project, realise their needs and purchase the right solution minimising the time of your sales associates. 


Call us to discuss our product ranges or your requirements on 01622 870050.
You can view our products online but please note that prices online are Recommended Retail Prices. 

We have a variety of pre packaged kits and accessories as well as open stock shelving and hardware to suit all retailers. Currently we work with Wayfair in the UK, but we have a long standing relationship with big box retailers across the world. 
ClosetMaid products can be found in; Home Depot, Lowes, Walmart, Target, Canadian Tire, Home Hardware, Big W, Orchard Supply, Masters and many more.

Can we supply you too?


Becoming a ClosetMaid dealer is a brilliant way to add value to your current business. If you install wardrobe doors, sliding doors or fitted furniture into peoples homes, then ClosetMaid can work with you to offer simple shelving and storage packages to offer alongside your services. Compared to wood alternatives, our ventilated wire shelving systems are cost effective, simple to install and require no finishing. They can also be customised to suit, so you can offer your clients a bespoke system and save yourself time and money during installation.
Find out more by calling us on 01622 870050 or email us: 

Why ClosetMaid?

ClosetMaid has some great features that help it beat its more traditional competitors such as 'plank and pole' style storage interiors, that make it beneficial to both you and your customer!

Some of the key features are listed below:

> Ventilated wire designs allows air to circulate and items to 'breathe' keeping them fresh

> Cost effective - Complete your project 'on budget'

> Cheaper than wood with no loss of strength

> Easy, quick & simple installation

> An exact fit every time - Trim to suit the job

> A range of shelf sizes to suit your application

> Two fixing systems - Fixed mount or adjustable

> Tough white vinyl coating

> No painting or finishing required

> Maintenance free - Just install it and forget it

> Purchase as a complete kit or in component form

> Can be installed before or after floor covering

> A range of accessories for up-selling opportunities is also available

> Available from stock ensuring on-time delivery

If you're interested in adding ClosetMaid to your showroom or business and would like to find out more, call us on 01622 870050 or Request A Brochure online.
Alternatively visit our online Trade Shop to view our range of products. Please note that prices shown are Retail Prices. 



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