ShelfTrack Wall Standard - Available in 12", 30", 48", 60" & 84" lengths

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Required Length
ClosetMaid - ShelfTrack
Product information

ClosetMaid's® ShelfTrack™ system allows wire shelves to be adjusted to any height, making storage more versatile in both large and small spaces.

  • Attaches onto horizontal Hang Track to hang vertically
    Hang Tracks sold separately - see related products below
  • Provides adjustable height options for placement of wire shelves
  • Available in five standard lengths (choose from list above)
    Wall Standards are 1.59cm (5/8") deep
  • The length of your chosen Wall Standard can be cut down with a hacksaw if necessary
  • Wall Standards must be placed no more than 24" apart and no more than 4" from each end of shelf
  • ShelfTrack™ Shelf Brackets are inserted into the slots on standards
  • Twin Slot design provides sturdy shelf bracket installation
  • Slots are spaced 1.25" (3.2cm) apart for the entire length of the standard
  • Fixing kit not included. See product 2876 or 2877 in related products below.
  • Don't forget to order a Hang Track to create one-step leveling and eliminate the need to level each standard separately
    See related products below.
  • Please note that the length of the Wall Standard refers to the useable length of the bracket mounting slots. The overall size of the Wall Standard will be longer.
  • Material: Epoxy coated steel

How many Wall Standards will you need?

Width of Wall          Minimum Quantity Required
24" (61cm)     2
36" (91cm) 3
48" (122cm)  3
60" (152cm)       4
72" (183cm) 4
84" (213cm) 5
96" (244cm)  5
108" (274cm)     6
120" (305cm) 6


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