Adjustable Package 4 - ShelfTrack with Linen shelving up to 183cm / 6' wide
Adjustable Package 4 - ShelfTrack with Linen shelving up to 183cm / 6' wide

Adjustable Package 4 - ShelfTrack with Linen shelving up to 183cm / 6' wide

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12" (30.5cm) deep Linen
16" (40.6cm) deep Linen
Wall Fixings
ClosetMaid - ShelfTrack
Product information

Our packages are a great way to get you started with ClosetMaid.
They include all of the shelving and hardware that you need to create a utility storage area as illustrated in the design pictures above.
Packages are delivered flat packed, with assembly instructions, labelled hardware, and informative diagrams for easy installation.

This package uses ClosetMaid's Linen style shelving with a SuperSlide hang bar and Adjustable ShelfTrack fixings.

The package will include:
1 x Full width top shelf for flat and folded items
1 x Long hanging section for garments up to 61cm / 2' wide, with additional full width storage shelf above
1 x Shelving section with 4 shelves for flat and folded garments up to 122cm / 4' wide

If you have less than 183cm / 6' wide you can trim the shelving down to suit your exact measurements with a hacksaw or boltcutters. 
End Caps are provided to cover the ends of the shelves.

You can choose the depth of your shelving from the options above, as well as the wall construction which is required so that we can ensure we send you the correct hardware.  
All ShelfTrack hardware is mounted to rear wall only, no side walls are required. 

Stud Walls - We will provide toggle bolt hardware which does not require fixing directly to the studs.
Solid Walls - We will provide screws with anchors/ rawl plugs, you can also use these fixings with stud walls if you are fixing directly into wooden studs.

We recommend a minimum enclosure depth of 56cm (22") to accommodate the hanging garments.

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