208 - 2.54cm / 1'' Screw208 - 2.54cm / 1'' Screw 

208 - 2.54cm / 1'' Screw


208 - 2.54cm / 1" Screw

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In case you misplace or would just like a few extra, we sell our 1” (2.54cm) screws here.

These are suitable for fixing our Fixed Mount shelving systems.

They have a pan head and are ideal for fixing Wall Clips, Wall Brackets, Shelf Support Brackets etc.

You can purchase additional / replacement hardware direct from us. Or visit Organise My Home or Amazon where our range is also available.

Please let us know some basic information about your requirements and your project. For example; where the project is. What the shelving/ accessories will be used for. Do you have a requirement for multiple units / multiple designs?
How Many Units Does Your Project Require?
If you have any further information which may help us with your quote, please let us know here.
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