5627 - 12" Deep SuperSlide Corner Kit

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Product information

Corner Shelf Kits allow you to bring your hanging space right around the corner from one wall to the next.

This corner shelf kit can ONLY be used with 12" deep SuperSlide shelving (4719).

The Corner Shelf kit comes with the items highlighted in white in the picture i.e. wall clips, joiner plates, support brackets, corner hanger bar & the corner shelf itself.  
The Corner Hang Bar has tapered ends to make joining to the straight sections of hang bar easy.

You will need to order 2 x 5647 SuperSlide Hang Bar Supports for each corner shelf to enable proper support of the corner hanger bar where it joins the straight sections of hang bar.

The corner shelf is 2" (5cm) high x 18" (45.72) wide x 18" (45.72) deep.

When using Corner Shelf Kits, please remember that they do take up quite a bit of wall space, and you wont want to make the adjoining shelves much shorter than 24" (61cm) as they will be difficult to install and you must also bear in mind that once garments are on their hangers they are approximately 22" wide and therefore, if you have anything less than 22" left once the corner kit is in place you will not gain any hanging space.

Please note that these Corner Kits can ONLY be used with our Fixed Mount system and 12" deep SuperSlide shelving.
This corner kit does NOT work with Shelf & Rod style shelving. Please see product code 71066 or 71067 if using Shelf & Rod shelving.

It is not possible to attach these corner shelves onto our adjustable ShelfTrack Fix System.

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