1162 - Shelf Support Bracket, 25.4cm / 10" position (also for use with 9" shelving)

1162 - Shelf Support Bracket, 25.4cm / 10'' position (also for use with 9'' shelving)
 1162 - Shelf Support Bracket, 25.4cm / 10'' position (also for use with 9'' shelving)1162 - Shelf Support Bracket, 25.4cm / 10'' position (also for use with 9'' shelving) 

Our Price:  £2.79(£2.33 Exc. VAT)



A key component of our Fixed Mount system.

  • Supports front lip of 9" & 10" deep shelving AND 10" hang bar positions. 
  • Use 1 bracket every 36" along the shelf's length and at each 'open end' of shelf
  • If supporting more than 3 shelves in a stack you could use a 1009 Shelf Support Pole instead
  • If you have side walls to attach to please use 942/974 Wall Brackets
  • Not for use with ShelfTrack system
  • Note that the physical length of this bracket is 30.5cm (12") long
  • Supplied with one 1" screw and one 1" rawl plug
  • Material: Epoxy coated steel

These 10" position shelf brackets are for use with the following:

  • 9" Linen shelving
  • 10" Shelf & Rod shelving
  • 16" Shelf & Rod shelving with hang rod 10" from the back wall
  • 12" & 16" SuperSlide shelving if using hang bar at 10" position

Please note that the length of the actual bracket is NOT 10" (25.4cm).

As the bracket sits at an angle, it is longer than the shelf depth that the bracket is used to support. Therefore if ordering any replacements or additional supports, please double check that you order the bracket based on the position and not the physical length of the bracket.

A 1162 (10" / 9" position) bracket is actually 12" (30.5cm) long. 

You can purchase additional / replacement hardware direct from us. Or visit Organise My Home or Amazon where our range is also available.

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