ClosetMaidŽ Wire Shelving Earns Certification for Indoor Air Quality

ClosetMaid have been awarded a Gold Indoor Air Quality certification by SCS, a third party certifier for environmental labels and claims, on all of their wire shelving products.

Having undergone product testing and performance reviews, as well as manufacturing audits, ClosetMaid were awarded the Indoor Air Quality certificate which states that the products meet all of the necessary requirements verifying compliance with established standards of low volatile organic compounds (VOC). This means that there is minimal risk of VOC chemical hazards and off-gassing by interior building products, both of which may present health and safety issues for occupants.

ClosetMaid are committed to providing customers with the best quality products. Now the quality of air in a consumers home is important, and ClosetMaid have responded by making sure that any products, finishes and materials used in the manufacturing process will not give off harmful gasses or chemicals, keeping the air inside your home clean and safe. As well as this, ClosetMaid's wire ventilated design also has been recognised as reducing dust settlement on the shelving and in closets/ utility areas/ larders etc. so that again it helps to improve the air quality, particularly important for consumers with respiratory problems!

Additionally, last year ClosetMaid also were certified for using up to 90% recycled steel in their wire shelving systems.

"Our consumers and builders want environmentally-friendly products, so we've made a conscious effort to try to increase the level of recycled steel we use in our products," says Rob Clements, president of ClosetMaid. "Using recycled steel in our products is not new. For decades, we've been incorporating it into our wire shelving, which we've been making in Ocala, FL for the past 50 years."

If you're looking for an environmentally friendly and responsibly sourced product for your storage needs, then look no further than ClosetMaid!

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