How To Add ShelfTrack Drawers

Our ShelfTrack drawers make a useful addition to any wardrobe/ closet/ pantry or toy storage space. They are available in a number of sizes, and here we show you everything you might need to add ShelfTrack storage drawers to your ClosetMaid system!


We have three sizes of baskets to suit your needs. Choose from our Single Depth (8cm/ 3" deep) basket, Double Depth (18cm/ 7" deep) basket and our Triple depth (28cm/ 11" deep) basket.

You can mix and match the sizes to fit your space and your needs, and add as many or as few as your storage needs require.

To add ShelfTrack Drawers to your ClosetMaid storage system, you will need to purchase one ShelfTrack Drawer hardware kit per drawer required, the drawer in your choice of size and have installed vertical ShelfTrack Wall standards. The wall standards will need to be approximately 53cm/ 21" apart to accommodate the drawers.

Each ShelfTrack drawer hardware kit also includes a shelf which helps to provide rigidity, but also gives you some additional flat storage space for folded garments.
The Mounting brackets double up as runners, and handy wires in the top shelf push down to prevent your wire baskets from sliding too far out once installed and in use!

Below are links and product descriptions to each item that you may need to create your very own ShelfTrack Drawer solution!

Product Name Product Description Image

ShelfTrack Horizontal Hang Track

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Horizontal Hang Track helps to level ShelfTrack wall standards when installing the ClosetMaid system.

Choose from 61cm/ 24", 102cm/ 40" and 203cm/ 80" wide sizes.

ShelfTrack Vertical Wall Standard

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Vertical Wall Standards hang from the Hang Track and provide slots for support brackets of shelving or ShelfTrack drawer brackets to fit into.

Choose from lengths of 30.5cm/ 12", 76cm/ 30", 122cm/ 48", 152cm/ 60" and 213cm/ 84" to suit your space and storage requirements.

ShelfTrack Fixing Kit

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Fixing kit to attach Hang Track and Wall standards to a wall. Includes 10 fixings.

ShelfTrack Drawer Hardware Kit

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ShelfTrack Drawer Hardware Kit for use when adding drawers to ShelfTrack Wall standards.
One Kit per drawer required.

Kit includes top shelf and mounting brackets. Basket sold separately.

Single Depth Basket

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Single Depth basket for use with ShelfTrack Drawers.

3" / 8cm deep.

Double Depth Basket

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Double Depth basket for use with ShelfTrack Drawers.

7" / 18cm deep.

Triple Depth Basket

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Triple Depth basket for use with ShelfTrack Drawers.

11" / 28cm deep.