66% Of Homeowners/ Buyers Need More Wardrobe Space!

In a recent survey conducted by houzz.co.uk it was found that 66% of homeowners are not satisfied with the amount of wardrobe space that they have.

Of those surveyed, over half had recently purchased their home and were already looking to make improvements.

So what is it that homebuilders and developers can do to increase their satisfaction rate, without increasing costs?

Well our ClosetMaid Adjustable ShelfTrack Storage Systems may well be the answer.

Including a system in built in wardrobe spaces is a major plus for all potential buyers, but including a system which is adjustable offers them the freedom and flexibility to change their closet or add to it as required after move in date.

ShelfTrack systems can be supplied with just a few simple pieces of hardware to install and as little as one shelf and hang rod. After that, the track system can be added to so that customers can get exactly what they need to store their stuff exactly how they want to.

Everyone is different, so supplying a simple hang rod, or half hanging space and half shelving space won't always excite your buyers. Giving them the basics to improve it for themselves and personalise it to suit will!

Contact us today on 01622 870050 or at sales@closetmaid.co.uk to discuss your next project and see how ClosetMaid can help win over your customers!