Step Three - Second Fix

Use Side Wall Brackets (974) where you have available side walls to fix onto.
If you have 'Open Ends' you can use Shelf Support Brackets (1164/1166) instead.
If supporting three or more shelves you can opt for a Shelf Support Pole (1009).

You will need to add a 'mid-support' every 91cm/3' along the length of the shelf.
This can be Shelf Support Brackets (1162/1164/1166) or Shelf Support Poles (1009) if making a stack of shelves.

Corner Supports (120) are required when 'Butt Fitting' shelves at a corner. Don't forget to order a Shelf Support Bracket for each corner as well.

Use 12" deep SuperSlide shelving (4719) to create shoe shelves by inverting the shelf so that the front 'lip' acts as a shoe fence.
You'll need one Shoe Shelf Support (923) at each end of the shelf and at mid-points if the shelf is longer than 91cm/3'.

16 Items
ClosetMaid - Fixed Mount
120 - Corner Support
ClosetMaid - Fixed Mount
974 / 914 - Wall Bracket
ClosetMaid - Fixed Mount
1009 - Shelf Support Pole
ClosetMaid - Fixed Mount
923 - Shoe Shelf Support
ClosetMaid - Fixed Mount
117 - 180cm / 71" High Contractor Pole
118 - 216cm / 85'' High Contractor Pole
ClosetMaid - Fixed Mount
118 - 216cm / 85" High Contractor Pole
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