Earth Day 2016

It's ‪#‎EarthDay‬ today and this years theme is all about Trees For The Earth. As we all know Trees play an important part in our eco-system, and it's vital we do what we can to prevent un-necessary loss of forestry and plant more trees to help us combat climate change. 

We can all make changes in our lives to help, and we're constantly reminded of different ways we can do this. From not wasting paper by printing emails, to purchasing reusable coffee mugs for your morning hit! But you can also make changes in the home. 

At ClosetMaid our steel wire shelving is a brilliant alternative to wood. Our shelving allows builders and developers to create a storage solution for their clients which is flexible, strong, durable and has a lower impact on the environment than traditional wood applications. 
Our steel shelving is also made from 90% recycled content too!

If your clients are conscious of their carbon footprint, and the affect that their consumption has on our planet, then ClosetMaid wire shelving systems is a great range to consider. 
We offer free design services to assist with your project. 
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